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Dec-Grow® - Tough enough to grow in. Beautiful enough to show in.

The Dec-Grow® line of decorative containers is strong enough for the toughest field use, yet beautiful enough to look perfectly at home on any retailer's shelf or customer's patio. Available in a range of sizes, styles and colors, most Dec-Grow® containers are available with holes in the bottom or sides.

Now Available Dec-Grow® Elegance Variety Pack™

Different customers have different tastes. That’s why we created the Elegance Variety Pack™. It’s four great new looks that your customers will love. Best of all, there is no need to order four different stacks to get all the great looks. The variety pack gives you all four designs in a single stack of Dec-Grow® containers. So go ahead, add value and variety to all your plants with the Dec-Grow® Elegance Variety Pack™.

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