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History of Nursery Supplies, Inc.

For 60 years, we’ve been manufacturing one of the largest selections of high quality, eco-friendly plastic containers to meet the rapidly growing needs of the wholesale nursery industry. With product innovation and customization, years of nursery expertise, and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we are experts in helping our customers grow.

We come from hearty stock. Originally called Farm Supplies in the 1950s, an offshoot of a northern New Jersey farmers’ cooperative, the company grew alongside the budding horticulture industry. In 1966 we officially incorporated as Nursery Supplies Inc. and became the country’s first producer of plastic containers for the nursery industry.

Innovation is our taproot. Throughout our formative years, the company focused on building additional production capacity and pioneering product innovation. We added production facilities in California (1976) and Oregon (1984) that expanded our geographic reach, and advanced our production capabilities to include blow molding, injection molding and large-scale thermoforming. We expanded the variety and quantity of container offerings and added customized sizes in response to what our customers told us they needed.

The company’s Eastern operation relocated, eventually taking root in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, in 1994 where it thrives today. In 2000, The Lerio® Corporation, a well-established, Southeast wholesaler merged with NSI, adding a strong customer base there which was supported with a newly constructed 125,000 square foot Florida manufacturing facility. The merger transformed NSI into a national player, and the industry’s most robust nursery supplier. In 2005, NYC based, private-equity firm Lincolnshire Management Inc. acquired NSI, introducing us to Summit Plastic Co., a custom-printed greenhouse container supplier, and future partner.

We foster environmental sustainability. Early on, NSI began exploring the topic of sustainability. Years of research culminated in the introduction of bio alternatives such as recycled materials and post-consumer plastics to develop ecological sustainable products. In 2008 NSI converted our raw material streams to nearly exclusive use of recycled materials. In 2010 we acquired Texas based Plastics, Inc., specialists in injection molded nursery containers and a leader in the use of recycled plastics. Today we produce our products from 100% recycled content in all three manufacturing processes — blow-molding, injection-molding and thermo-forming of the pot material (excluding color and additives) — and operate our own in-house recycling manufacturing process.

Most recently in 2013, Summit Plastic Co., our long-time Lincolnshire affiliate who shares our philosophy of innovative and customer-focused market approach, merged with us. Together, we offer a more comprehensive, innovative assortment of complementary products and services to our nursery and horticulture customers. Summit products range from one pint to one-gallon containers, while NSI supports one gallon to 600 gallon containers. Both companies maintain independent websites but are managed cross-functionally to ensure complete customer needs are met.

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