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Nursery Supplies Inc.® (NSI®) is the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic containers for the wholesale nursery industry. Originally called Farm Supplies, the company was founded by Theodore J. Guarriello Sr, as an offshoot of a northern New Jersey farmers’ cooperative. In its early days, the company marketed such products as bushel baskets, apple crates and seedling trays to what was then called the “truck farm” industry in the Metropolitan New York and Philadelphia areas.

Ted Guarriello Sr had an intuitive marketing sense and led the company to become the country’s first producer of plastic containers for the nursery industry. The company grew steadily throughout the early ‘60’s, and by 1966, his eldest son Henry, has become active in the firm. It was in 1966 the family took the step of officially incorporating as Nursery Supplies, Inc.®

With the rapid growth of wholesale nursery activity throughout the country in the early ‘70’s, particularly in Florida and Southern California, both areas in which crops could grow twelve months a year, NSI® saw the opportunity to serve the growers’ needs on a national scale. In 1976, the company opened its first west coast facility in Southern California, managed by Ted Sr’s youngest son Ted Jr, and his daughter Rita. In 1984 this same team opened a manufacturing facility in McMinnville, Oregon to serve the rapidly developing Oregon nursery industry.

In the meantime, the company’s eastern operation was relocated from northern New Jersey to Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, and in 1994 to its present site in Chambersburg, Pa. In 2000, Nursery Supplies® merged with The Lerio Corporation, who had developed a very strong wholesale customer franchise in the southeastern United States. Concurrently, the company built a brand new 125,000 sq foot manufacturing facility in Kissimmee, Florida, to capitalize upon the combination of The Lerio Corporations’ strong customer relationships in the south and NSI’s® advanced manufacturing capabilities. In May 2005, Lincolnshire Management Inc., a private equity firm headquartered in New York City, acquired substantially all of the outstanding shares from the Guarriello family.

Today, Nursery Supplies® is the only company fully dedicated to the wholesale nursery industry with blow molding, injection molding and large scale thermoforming manufacturing capabilities dedicated to this industry. It is also providing its expertise to consumer products companies in need of deep draw, thin wall containers compatible with the company’s core expertise. Ever forward looking, the company converted its raw material streams to nearly exclusive use of recycled materials in 2008, and today continues to innovate the unique use of post-consumer plastics as well as development of bio-resins and ecologically responsible solutions for its customers.