Nursery Supplies Inc. - Green: More Than the Color of Our Logo.

Green: More Than the Color of Our Logo.

Nursery Supplies, Inc has been the innovator in new product designs and new material used to manufacture horticultural containers for over fifty years. Since the beginning “green” was more than just the color of the Nursery Supplies’ logo, it was the philosophy from the start of our business. That philosophy of being a ‘good neighbor’ to our environment through recycling continues today.

Historically, Nursery Supplies, Inc. has been a leader in the recycling area. Presently, NSI is looking to ‘go greener’ through a threestep process using recycled materials. First, NSI is increasing the percentage of post-consumer and post-industrial regrind and reprocessed material in its containers. We have increased our recycled content up to 100% in all three manufacturing processes, blow-molding, injection-molding and thermo-forming of the pot material (excluding color and additives). With the increase in use of recycled material, NSI has increased its testing of incoming materials. Each load of material is thoroughly inspected and sample material from each load is run through a vigorous testing regime. The purpose of the testing is to verify properties and identify contaminants to insure quality material for manufacturing. As a final verification, NSI is evaluating finished products to insure the highest quality containers are still being produced with the recycled resins. Testing of mechanical properties as well as impact properties is critical to the overall quality of the container. Atmospheric testing is also done to evaluate the effect of sunlight and temperature on the finished product. Our customers expect and NSI has delivered the highest quality containers in the industry, still offering a one-year quality guarantee.

As Nursery Supplies, Inc. looks to the future, “going greener still” is a vital element of the vision for the long-term success of our company. Continuing and expanding the use of recycled resins is only one-step in this process. NSI continues to investigate ways to increase the content of recycled materials in its containers by testing additives made with recycled resins. Color additives and fillers all contain various amounts of plastic resin. If these carriers can be converted to recycled material, the overall recycled content in every NSI container will increase. Also, new sources of bio-resins are being tested and evaluated to determine how best to implement this new technology, including resins made from rice and chicken feathers.

No matter when you look at Nursery Supplies, Inc., historically, presently or in the future, you will see that recycling has been a vital part of our company. NSI has taken a leadership role in providing technical solutions to our horticultural partners growing the products in the field. ‘Green” is truly more than the color of our logo; it is the driving force to our commitment to the environment in which we live.