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Our specialty containers move a step beyond tradition. Responding to unique customer challenges, we designed these innovative solutions for distinct growing applications that address particular uses. Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and most from 100% reclaimed and recycled materials.


Maximize growing space with flexible, above ground growing systems ideal for grower, retail and re-wholesale grower configurations. Our durable, automation-friendly above ground container system promotes healthy height and caliper growth while improving root ball quality.


Accelerator® containers produce premium trees, shrubs, and plants. They reduce circling of roots, improve survivability and extend shelf life, including in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), earning you more green.


Tough enough to grow in. Beautiful enough to show in. Versatile nursery containers that easily move from field, to retail shelf, to a customer’s patio.


Pot-In-Pot by Nursery Supplies has proven itself to be a very remarkable way to combine the natural advantages of field growing with the control and convenience of above-ground growing. The benefits of this type of container growing are enormous, and can be used by virtually any grower, in any area, under conditions that are dry or wet, flat or hilly, mild or harsh. Plants grow faster, labor costs are reduced, plants are healthier and harvesting can take place year round.

Pot-in-pot is used primarily by growers of large plants and trees (most commonly in #15 or #25 pots), but has been successfully used with pots as small as seven gallons.

The installation of a pot-in-pot system does necessitate higher initial costs, but in the long run growers have found that the savings they experience in production and labor expense significantly outweigh the costs.

Created especially for customers looking to combine the advantages of field growing with the convenience of above-ground growing, our innovative Pot-In-Pot System gets the job done.


Get everything started with Lerio® propagation products. Square cell molded flats and carrying trays for annuals, foliage and woody ornamentals complete the largest selection of nursery growing containers available in the industry.


Move big nursery pots the easy way – with rope handles. Our automation-friendly and sturdy Grip-Lip® containers are outfitted with rope handles to make handling easier.

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