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Your partner in product branding

Nursery Supplies is your partner in product branding. We provide a unique experience based on your specific company needs to help your products get recognized and help you manage your inventory. Branding can help you save while you grow, as well as promote your brand across retail environments. NSI offers color pots, up to four color printing, hot stamping, and barcode labeling.

-Color pots draw attention. Choose from blow molded, pressure formed and injection molded containers. Select a wide variety of custom colors to accentuate your brand.

-Four color printing allows your pots to proudly display your brand for maximum visual impact. Our weather-tested and customer-proven inks can be printed on your color container with your specific design in trade sizes from #1 through #7.

-Hot stamping transfers your one-color logo or name directly to the pot. A dry polyester film is applied using intense heat and pressure to provide a more permanent option than labeling. The stamp can be imprinted multiple times around the container.  Available on containers larger than a #7

-Barcode labeling expedites handling and management of your products. We apply labels to help you save labor and time at your facility. The water, chemical and smudge resistant labels can be applied on a standard black, colored, or branded container.

NSI can manufacture your custom branded containers to your exact specifications.


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