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Traditional Nursery Products

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Nursery containers that withstand the test of time. Nursery Supplies is the only company in the industry that manufactures blow molding, injection molding and large-scale thermoforming (vacuum-formed and pressure-formed) products dedicated to nursery growers. Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and most from 100% reclaimed materials.

Blow Molded Nursery Containers

Blow Molded Nursery Containers are the workhorses of the nursery industry. We offer a ribbed or smooth finish in a variety of sizes and weights to match your growing needs. Choose from a wide variety of classic styles (Custom® and Olympian®) or uniquely designed Grip-Lip®.


Our Classic® series includes our Custom™ (economy, light-weight) and Olympian™ (industry standard for weight and rigidity) lines.

Our automation-friendly Grip-Lip® is available in standard weight and lightweight (Econo-Grip™).

Pressure Formed Nursery Containers

Pressure-formed containers are economical, automation friendly, strong and resilient. Colors and custom printing extend your brand.
The pressure-formed container represents a new generation of nursery containers. Pressure-forming creates a product that’s tougher than blow-molded…

Injection Molded Nursery Containers

Our injection-molded nursery containers are strong, rigid-rimmed, and tier stackable. We make two distinct design styles, each with their own production process and material type. Nursery Supplies, Inc. (NSI) injection-molded containers are a polyethylene product with modern lines and details. Plastics Incorporated (PI) injection-molded containers are polypropylene containers with conventional looks and styling.

Nursery Supply Inc. (NSI), polyethylene injection-molded nursery containers are sleek and attractively styled.

Plastics Incorporated (PI), polypropylene injection-molded nursery containers are a long-standing favorite.

Vacuum Formed Nursery Containers

Lerio® vacuum-formed containers are perfect for water plants. As a type of large-scale thermoforming process, they offer exceptional strength, durability and are available in a wide range of sizes.